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Quickbooks, Peachtree accounting software, Timeslips, computer training - Ronald J. Cappuccio, J.D., LL.M.(Tax) - tax lawyer

QuickBooks and Peachtree Helps Business Prosper!

Poor Financial Information Causes Businesses to Fail

Running a business requires you to be the manager, bookkeeper, decision-maker and worker. Since keeping up-to-date and accurate financial information does not appear to immediately bring in $, it is usually neglected. It is impossible for the business owner to immediately and objectively see the troubles and strengths of the business.That is why most small businesses fail and their owners end up in tax trouble!

Set Up the Business Right

If you do not have the time to set up the business right in the first place, why will you have time to correct the problems later?

You need to immediately install and use QuickBooks, Peachtree, or one of the other good computerized systems. If you cannot do it yourself, hire us.

QuickBooks Training

Let us train you and your staff to use QB efficiently!

You should be able to obtain any financial report in just a few minutes!

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